ok, i'm not very good with journals. and i really want to have a lot to tell everyone, but the truth is, we hardly do anything. hiro is an eating, sleeping and kicking machine, but really, he just spends a lot of time on the floor. (to my american friends and family: that's OK in japan.) i do take him out--usually to costco or the mall--but that's mainly for my own sanity, and because riding in the car conks him out.

he is having more periods of awake time. he'll be three months old tomorrow you know.

*sigh* when do i have to start worrying about baby-proofing the house? just so ya know, i have put up all the deadly chemicals in a cupboard even shorty me can't reach. which just means less house cleaning. yay!

but i think i'm doing pretty good. one of my favorite blogs, one which i have been reading since i was in university, hasn't been updated since december 31, 2004! and, it was such a small entry!! however, i do worry a bit about her because she has problems of her own. but then again, she's a writer and maybe she's had a lot of work lately! another of my favorite blogs, defective yeti, is up for a blog award. i really think this guy is funny, plus he lives in seattle, so please do check him out. and if you want, go vote for him!

like many bloggers (and i'm not sure i really qualify as one since this blog is pretty private), i faithfully check all my favorites without updating my own, and i'm pretty disappointed when they haven't written anything new to entertain me. but then, in my own defense, i'm not really very funny, even when i try, so even when i have nothing to say, i can't make you laugh about it.

unless you want to know about baby farts. our little darling is quite gassy (as are probably most babies). when he was younger (haha! i hear you snort, he's only three months old!!), he would work so hard to push out the gas (and more solid materials). he's finally got the hang of it, thank goodness. but there are times when he starts farting and seems to have gas for ever! i call him 'tooty boy' (and yoshi learned a new english word: 'toot' for fart). tootyboy, tootyboy. such a cutie!!