oh, so i'm a whiner. so sue me. i'm american (big winky smiley here). even my mom is fed up with my whining. i told her how cold it is here. more than once. finally she writes to me: 'are you taking your vitamins? if you're so cold, maybe you need more iron.' or something like that. sheesh. yes, as a lactating mother, i'm taking my pre-natal vitamins. the ones i asked you to send.

man, it's so cold right now. it's never gonna be warm again. me and my big fat mouth (fingers) for talking about how good the weather was on december 20th. karma and jinxes and fate and all that. dammit!

i bundle little hiro up in so many clothes. i'm mainly afraid that i put too much on him at night. he has a fleece sleeper with a sleeping bag cover that i use. well, i mainly use the sleeper. over his regular sleeper. under which he also has a body suit. and i put socks on him. now, if this were a regular home, i'd probably be bundling him up too much. esp. since i also put a receiving blanket, towel and quillo on him. do you think i worry too much about the cold? i don't know. but his hands are still pretty cool (and sometimes icy!) and when i change his clothes in the morning, sometimes his little feet are cold, too. ah, what am i to do?? (yes yes, i know, move back to the US).