yoshi started work in kagoshima on sunday. well, kind of. he goes down there for a few days, once or twice a month (i think. who knows for sure, since he's only just started. hopefully he'll be here more often than there.) on sunday night when i gave hiro a bath, he looked confused. 'where's daddy?' he seemed to be thinking. have i told you the bath schedule before? no? well, i usually go first and take a shower. if we're having a bath, i then get in the bath and warm up. but hiro is usually crying, so yoshi comes and asks 'are you ready yet?' i have to prepare hiro's bath then (if we do it too soon, the water cools down in the freezing cold bathroom...*sigh*) then yoshi comes in. we undress hiro, then i take him and get in the bath again (hey, did i mention the freezing cold bathroom?), lean over and put hiro in the baby bath. yoshi and i bathe hiro, then i take hiro in the big bath, yoshi takes his shower (or washes off, whatever) and then he joins us in the bath. when it's time to take hiro out, i get out first, dry off, prepare hiro's towel and then take him from yoshi. then yoshi gets to relax in the bath.

so anyway, the past couple of nights it has been just me and hiro. i put him in his car seat (which has been definately worth it's cost: car seat, stroller, rocker and chair all in one, and we only paid about $300 for it!) hiro thinks it's funny to watch me shower, but then he gets cranky when i get in the bath (i guess he likes the sound of the splashing water!). i bathe him and then we relax together. when yoshi's home, that shower alone is pretty much the only me time i have. unless we go swimming. then i'm alone, swimming, then changing and showering. but pretty often, when i come out, hiro is crying (and usually hungry).

yoshi comes home tonight, i hope he's not too tired for a bath!