the other night when i was giving hiroyuki a bath, i was washing his neck when he gave out a big chuckle. it was so cute! and now i know he is ticklish on his neck. i did it again: big smile and a chuckle. sooooo cute! then, on saturday at the baby massage class, i massaged his chest and tummy and he laughed! the other mothers and the lady running the class laughed and said 'awww'. i'm telling you, he is so cute (ok, ok, three times is enough, i admit!)

his little feet are ticklish, too, and he smiles when i tickle them. at the moment he enjoys the tickles, maybe because they're done with a firm touch, not the annoying whisper-light touch.

also, last night, when i was trying to put his jammies on, he kept kicking me. it was pretty much a struggle, especially with each kick, his foot would escape the jammy! finally, frustrated, i said 'stop kicking hiro!!' yoshi said, 'let him kick first.' and he turned hiro to face him, took up his feet, and started bicycling his legs very quickly. hiro started laughing! after about thirty seconds or so, yoshi stopped and hiro didn't kick! successful dressing ensued.

funny baby.