yesterday, yoshi got a new cell phone. we went to the au shop together. basically, his keitai was older than dirt (he's had it 30 months). it didn't even have a camera! *shock* my phone can take pictures, and i can send them to him, but my phone can also take videos, which his phone cannot see. so, he decided to get a new one.

at au, if your phone is 25 months or older, you can get a good discount on all phones. i wanted him to get the newest version of my phone, but it would have been over 10,000 yen, even with the discount. (me: so? what's the problem?) yoshi finally decided on a pretty red phone that was 'free' with the discount. hey, as long as it can take videos (and receive mine), that's all that mattered.

anyway, some time last year, i got a 'goody bag' from a girl in a department store. it was more of an advertisement for au. well, i already had an au phone, but....inside there were flyers about au and its services, a packet of tissues and an antenna ring. on this ring was a monkey (with a red butt. i swear, all monkeys in japan have a red butt.) wearing a white t-shirt with bananas on it. it's actually rather annoying to me, always getting in the way of my flip phone. so, i offered it to yoshi yesterday. i had a rather difficult time taking it off (it rather likes my antenna). i finally got the little guy off. yoshi was still talking to the au clerk, so i looked at the monkey.

it had a penis.

i kid you not!! i couldn't believe it. i turned to yoshi and said, 'IT HAS A PENIS!!' yoshi looked at me and said, 'you are so bad.' i was like, but, but, but....look!! penis!! yoshi ignored me and kept talking to the clerk.

when we left, i noticed the monkey was not on my phone. oh no! where's that bad monkey?? yoshi said, 'it's in my bag.' oh, ok.

last night, after we got home and i put hiro to bed, yoshi was going through his au bag. then i heard, 'oh, it has a penis!' LOL yeah, i know!