on friday yoshi came home and on saturday we all drove down to kagoshima. we stayed with friends and i got a girl's night out!! that was very nice, except i couldn't express enough milk for hiro and the poor little baby got hungry! and poor daddy tried so hard. *sigh* i probably won't be having any more girl's night out any time soon, but i did enjoy myself and sang too much at karaoke (sorry everyone!!) yay.

on sunday we met up again (this time with husbands and baby) for 'easter dinner'. oh man. yes, we know it was a week early. but i just happened to be in town and so we just got together for fried pork cutlet (i so totally want to 'LOL' all over this entry...) it was very yummy (and now yoshi wants to go to kags for regular tonkatsu lunches...) before we met though, there was a pretty big earthquake in fukuoka, which we felt in kagoshima. well, i can't really say 'we', since i was in the toilet at the time and didn't feel a thing! i guess the intensity was a one or maybe even a two (in kags), and yoshi felt it before any of the others (probably because he was leaning against the couch). however, in fukuoka it was a six or seven, pretty major jolt! so then i worried about the house for all of sunday and monday. when i got home, though, there were only a few things on the floor (things which had fallen off the shelves) and only one thing was broken. whew!