ok, so it's a new month. i've been meaning to post here, but....*sigh* sorry everyone. i'll try to get it together.

this past weekend was our anniversary. one year since we took the papers to the city office. how romantic. LOL to celebrate, we went to yoshi's parents house *swoon* ok, ok i'll stop. just so you know, it was the thirteenth anniversary since yoshi's grandfather died and that means a kind of memorial in the buddist tradition (or am i assuming too much here?) we went to the eldest brother's house for the ceremony. hiroyuki was looking so cute in a new outfit, and yoshi's aunt wanted to hold him. i took the opportunity to go to the bathroom but when i came out, i noticed a little bit of baby poo on my shirt. ACK!! i quickly went back to the room and said, 'give me the baby! poo! poo!' and discovered he had indeed leaked all over--but thankfully not on auntie's white sweater.

we got hiro changed into a boring little sleeper, but he was still so cute--and looking like a girl. nearly everyone commented on it. *sigh* at ten after ten the obousan came to do the ceremony. yoshi's aunt (a different one) and her daughter tried to make me go into the same room as everyone else, but at that point hiro was sleeping and they have a dog--which i don't think is safe around babies. plus, since i had to take my one shirt off, i was feeling really fat and bloated (which is why i put it on in the first place) and my nursing shirt just wasn't covering me properly (man, it was nice not to have my period for nearly a year.)

after the ceremony the priest chatted with the family and was even interested in me. the eldest brother (yoshi's uncle) even had to point out that i was from seattle. ah, good old mariners and ichiro. i met another one of yoshi's uncles (the youngest brother, he lives in kobe). actually, his father's family is a little large (not for their generation, but in this age of only children--or no children--five kids is a lot!) after the priest left, the family divided into women and men and proceded to chat. by default i was with the men (because yoshi is the only one who speaks english) and the baby was still asleep. after hiro woke up i took him in to the room with the women and they all cooed over him.

hiro is really such a good baby, he hardly ever cries (except that period last week when i think he was teething). yoshi's family asked if he was like that all the time. why yes, yes he is. i feel really lucky, even if he still isn't sleeping through the night.

at noon we went to a very nice japanese restaurant for lunch. i haven't been to one of these kind of places since i was an ALT. *sigh* even if there were a few things i couldn't eat (for example, i gave yoshi my squid sashimi) i ate a lot and didn't even finish my meal. cool.

the only thing that kind of annoyed me was yoshi's aunt. she seemed like a really nice person--that's what was annoying. one of those overly-helpful people. when we were changing hiro's poopy diaper she grabbed a whole wad of tissues and took hiro's messy diaper away and put those underneath (which of course stuck to his butt.) and since she took the diaper away, we had to figure out what to do with the wipes we were using (usually i put them on the soiled diaper and then wrap them up together and throw them away.) she said, 'here, give them to me.' but that was rather icky. she did it again (without the tissue issue) when we changed his diaper before we left for the restaurant. i know, i am evil by being annoyed by her, but....

anyway, i wanted to share a picture with you (and kind of see if this works.) here is hiro at starbucks:

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