well, hiro has started eating solid foods. although they're not really solid. more like, a little bumpy. he has been very interested in watching us (especially me) eat. he'll intently watch me as i pick up some food with chopsticks and then transfer it to my mouth. i really get into it and say, 'aowmph. yummmmymmmmymmm.' yoshi says, 'kawaisou.' which means, 'poor baby.' because i'm just rubbing it in ('i get to have the yummy rice and you don't. mwahaha! ') i did want to BF exclusively for six months, but he just seemed ready. so, i got out the baby cereal and mixed it with water. man, he didn't like that. the next day i added expressed breast milk, and that went better. after a week i started giving him banana (again mixed with breast milk) and he liked that, too. he is still getting used to the sensation of eating, but i think he's getting the hang of it. he doesn't eat solids every day. he doesn't really need them, yet. but he's enjoying the practice.