yesterday hiro had his seven month check-up. he's a little small, and the doctor suggested i feed him more. ummm, ok.

hiro rolls over onto his stomach now whenever i put him down on his back. even when i'm putting him down to sleep. yesterday he actually took a nap on his tummy! i was worried, but i guess if he's big enough to roll over then i don't have to worry too much about SIDS.

his favorite book is goodnight moon. my mom bought me a copy before he was born, and at around one month i started reading it to him. within a few weeks he was really enjoying it and when he had more control over his arms, he started smacking the book while i read it! after a while i bought a board copy so that he could really enjoy it. whenever i read/recite the first two lines, he smiles.

he also loves his baby mozart DVD. it's the only 'baby einstein' thing that we have (well, we also have a cute little book which hiro likes to smack). there are certain segments that will whip his head around whenever he hears them.

at the moment he's eating crackers. really it's just finger food for him, to practice using his hands. but since nearly everything ends up in his mouth anyway, finger foods are nice. really he just scoops things up in his fist and then mashes them all over his face. his high chair is covered in crumbs. and he's so adorable!

i put some new pictures up at photobucket. have a look!