we haven't done much this week. i've pretty much been counting down the days until i receive the harry potter book, but now i may not be home when it arrives. which means i'll probably have to wait until tuesday before i get it, because monday is a holiday. which also means i'll probably not be able to look at the internet until i finish it!! hahaha.

last night we went bowling. it was ok except i got tired (my arm started to hurt) so i just started bowling 'granny style'. yoshi was not amused. LOL yoshi has the day off today and we were going to go see the yamakasa festival in hakata but i just felt so tired last night that i decided that i didn't want to go. it starts at some gawd-awful hour of 5 am (or something). and it's really crowded, so we probably shouldn't take the stroller. poor yoshi was looking forward to it, though.

this week my friend midori went "home" to england to visit family and friends. she stayed at our house for one night. here's a couple of pictures:

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Hiro and Joey