the school i work for had an ice cream party yesterday. i enjoyed it very much. there were about 115 kids from kindergarten to sixth grade elementary. it was just wild. first we played three games and then we plied them with ice cream. the school had provided about six different flavors of ice cream and they were all gone by the time the party had ended.

i took hiroyuki with me, but he spent time in the kids' room. this was a small classroom for kids who got overwhelmed and cried. only one boy actually needed this room. he started crying at the beginning and basically stayed in the room until it was time for ice cream. anyway, there were a couple of high school girls in the room to keep an eye out on the kids. i guess everything went well because they only brought him to see me once and he wasn't crying. after all the kids had left and we were cleaning up i heard him crying. and then screaming. my boss let me go see him and i had to take him. which meant i couldn't really help with the cleaning up. but it was nice to have him there instead of paying for daycare. his diaper was pretty full, though, when i got him back!

after everything was sorted out we had some drinks and apple pie. it was so good, the best apple pie i've had in japan. one of the high school girls didn't want any because she didn't like cooked fruit. that's a first for me; actually we were all surprised. she doesn't even like jam!