jenn tagged me. i will try, but i cannot tag others...

What was I doing 10 years ago?
i was 22 and starting my second year of junior college. i took summer courses because i wanted to finish as quickly as i could, and also because some of the courses i needed to take clashed so it was better to get them out of the way during summer. it was really hot that august for some reason, that's all i can really remember. oh, and the girlfriend of the guy i was crushing on was jealous of me so that was pretty cool.

What was I doing 5 years ago?
i was studying japanese in kyoto. i spent five weeks in kyoto that summer, 'studying' but mainly hanging out with fellow students or spending time on my own visiting as many temples and shrines as i could. i had the best time, i wish i could do it again.

What was I doing 1 year ago?
i was pregnant and waiting to find out if we were really moving back to fukuoka or not. it seemed to be up in the air for the longest time...

What was I doing yesterday?
nothing much. hiro and i went around looking for cool places to hang out (it was hot).

What am I doing today?
i'm going to go to costco to get a tricycle for hiro. he won't be able to ride it until next summer, but it's the cheapest trike i've seen with a canopy and handles for the parent. a big bonus is it doesn't have any characters (like anpanman or hello kitty) on it.

Five snacks I enjoy
ice cream sandwiches. lay's sour cream and onion potato chips. granny smith apples with peanut butter. popcorn. dark chocolate m&ms.

Five bands I like
a-ha. green day. n'sync. spitz. the beattles.

What 5 things would I do with a million dollars?
buy a home in hawaii (thinking like jenn). save for the children't education. buy another car (because current car is too small for more than one child...). take a vacation. donate what's left.

Five locations I would like to run away to?
hawaii, the carribean, italy (florence), scotland and a remote south pacific island.

Five bad habits?
biting my nails. pulling the hairs of my eyebrows and eyelashes. sighing while yawning. picking my toenails (eeewww, gross!) singing in the car.

Five things I like doing?
singing. reading. studying languages. kissing the baby's neck. spending time with my husband.

Five TV shows I like?
law and order (the original). biography. ST:TNG. antiques roadshow. dateline NBC.

Five Famous people I would like to meet?
wil wheaton. j.k. rowling. jennifer weiner. jennifer aniston. and...condoleeza rice.

Biggest joys in my life at the moment?
hiroyuki. dark chocolate m&ms.

Favourite toys?
cell phone.

Five people to tag?
sorry, i've got no one...