yesterday i went out for my morning walk and the wind felt so good. so, i went inside and got my camera. i took a few pictures, but nothing really great came out. oh, except for a cosmos photo.


hiroyuki and i went for a long walk. when i got home i found yoshi just about to set fire to some weeds and i put an end to that.

it was really windy yesterday. there's a typhoon southeast of tokyo and i think that we might be getting the wind from that. or, it's seasonal wind. i can't remember if autumn is windy in japan or not...*smacks forehead*

last night was quite cool, too. yoshi actually pulled a blanket over himself when he went to bed. i made sure hiro was wearing a nightgown and had some blankies. and today's forecast says it's only going to be about 26C today. that's quite cool, especially since it was about 30 yesterday. wonder if we're going to have a cold winter...