on sunday we were invited to a party quite far from our house. it was to be an all you can eat dinner at an indian restaurant. yoshi had heard of a swimming pool in the area and was eager to try it out. it was a city pool and was actually quite cheap to swim there. i had the great idea of taking hiro's swimming things (swimming diaper and swim trunks intended for next year) so we could all go in together.

it was fun. there was a kid's section so while i swam, yoshi played with hiro. and while he swam, i played with hiro. when i was in the pool with him, hiro splashed just as he does in the bath. then he started waving his arms in the water, almost as if he were swimming. of course, yoshi and i started speculating on his chances for swimming in the olympics, and which country he would swim for!

i wish i had been able to take his picture. especially because he had to wear a swim cap! sooooo cute!