yesterday i took hiroyuki to the doctor. he has had a runny nose for about a week so i thought i'd take him in and see if there was anything to be done. in the waiting room there is a little play area for children who are waiting. for the first time, i put hiro in there. probably a mistake because all those things are probably crawling with germs, but oh well! there was a basket with duplo blocks and hiro immediately started taking them out. pretty much what he does at home with his peek-a-blocks:


so, i started puting the duplos back into the basket, and hiro did too! it was the first time he 'put things away'. i was so impressed!

also, at daycare, he 'walked' around the tables and chattered on and on. and when we got home, i was telling yoshi about hiro's accomplishments and hiro started puting away his peek-a-blocks! yoshi and i applauded of course (want to keep up the cleaning!!)