sorry, i didn't realize that i hadn't blogged in nearly a week. sorry!! hiroyuki has been in a difficult stage: he wants me all. the. time. that gives me less time on the internet. i think all this mommy time also makes him sleep less, too, because he wants to be with me--why waste time sleeping??

today i think we'll go to the city to pick up hiro's japanese passport. but it's rainy. *sigh* well, i guess it's going to be one of those 'underground' days where we go from building to building underground. that's pretty cool, one thing i actually like about japanese cities. on rainy days, anyway...

i think i have something to tell you but at the moment i'm so damn tired that i can't think of what it is. if i remember i'll write about later!

i know, how about a pic of hiro?
see how fluffy my hair is?