so, i'll be taking the JLPT in a couple of weeks, even though i'm not going to pass. medea suggested a book to me, one that comes with CDs. even though i had a lot of books (most of which she gave to me since she's taking the highest level test) and a couple of my own, she sold me on these because then i could play them in the car (a little trick she does). as a pretense for studying, that's what i have done. and to tell the truth, it is working a bit. i may not understand all the words and grammar, but i can pick them out now. when i first started listening, it was mostly gibberish.

anyway, next month our car is up for shaken, a kind of car tax and inspection. it is possible to do it oneself, but yoshi doesn't want to. so, we're having estimates done this month. the first one was with a private car maintenance shop who came to our house, took our car and left one for me to use (that was the day hiro slept ALL morning, so i didn't use the loan car, anyway). when he brought it back, hiro was awake so i went to the grocery store. that's when i noticed the japanese language CD playing, and i was so embarrassed!

today i took the car to another place for a different estimation and yes, i forgot to change the CD again. but, oh well! at least they think i'm trying to learn japanese!!