just a few things about hiro.

first, he's still really shy around strangers, or even people he knows. but he really loves yoshi. yesterday when yoshi went to work hiro actually cried! and when yoshi came home in the middle of the morning, hiro didn't want him to leave again! he seems to be doing better as far as other people are concerned; he's only cried once when someone tried to talk to him. if someone tries to play with him then he warms up.

related to that: hiro cries when i leave a room. even if it's to go to the bathroom. and if i'm gone for more than a few seconds he takes it up a notch (and so on) until he's screaming and crying hysterically. poor little guy. the other night we had put him to bed and then left the room. somehow he woke up (i think it was yoshi's doing) and cried. yoshi brought him downstairs and hiro practically fell asleep in my arms. i then took him upstairs but when i left the room he started crying! this happened twice before i had to ask yoshi to stay with him while i took off my contact and dressed for bed. hiro cried the whole time. *sigh*

hiro argues with me now. i tell him not to do something or 'no' and he says 'da!' me and hiro: no. da! no. da. no. DA! or, if i take something away from him (sugar packet, persimmon that was on the floor, dead bug) he shouts at me. i think the shouting is mainly from frustration on not being able to express himself. he gets so angry. i've been trying baby signs but i think i haven't used them enough. though he certainly recognizes the sign for 'banana'.

the other night hiro had the hiccups. they were pretty strong and shook his whole body. he thought that was pretty neat so he started jerking his body. then a real hiccup would strike and he's practically be convulsing. very funny boy.

last night when we were taking a bath, hiro was leaning over the edge of his bath and playing with the water on the floor. i was afraid he might be cold so i poured water over his back. he became absolutely still. i don't know if it was because he enjoyed it or it frightened him. he didn't cry, though, and when i stopped he started splashing again. his reaction made me think that here is a little person that i made. he is real and so special, so smart, so precious. oh man, just taking a bath and i got all mushy!!