the refrigerator arrived!! it's so tall! and empty. *sigh* i think i did a pretty good job on emptying the old one (but guess what! we had at least three different kinds of ume-boshi in six different containers!! how embarassing!) the automatic ice maker is making lots of ice (yay! even though winter is coming...*sigh*) we can buy more than one carton of milk at a time and the veggies should stay nicer longer. *happy sigh* finally i have a refrigerator i can close the door on (the last one would get so full that the door would pop back open.) i haven't taken any pictures you want to see?

midori came up on friday (see previous post) and we spent the day in fukuoka (tenjin). unfortunately it rained but we had umbrellas. the thing is, though, that we used them for the babies and we got wet. but joey looks really cute with hiro's rain hat (hiro was sleeping and lying back while joey was awake and leaning forward!) and grabbing the umbrella!

joey in the rain

we also went to diamond city for some serious window shopping and some delcious cake. we also got a starbucks to go because we wanted to go to costco before going home. at costco we got this great shot of the boys:

oh my goodness!

on saturday morning i drove midori and joey to the airport. hiro didn't come with us because i had a massage scheduled and yoshi couldn't come (to watch hiro) because the refrigerator was due to arrive. so, i woke up early and cleared out the old refrigerator, went to royal host with M and J, drove to the airport and hung out with them until i had to go, had my massage and then went home to a new frige. a pretty good day, don't you think?