it's still cold here. much too cold for me. yesterday it snowed. snowed! i know, it's february, but i just can't stand much more of this cold. i must seem like a whiney-butt, but the truth is...i'm pregnant. and for some reason, when i'm pregnant, i feel cold! it's awful! i've heard that most women feel hot, because of all the hormones raging. but i just feel so damn cold. i just shut down and i want to huddle up and conserve heat. i hate that. when i was pregnant with hiro, it was the same. i didn't feel warm until june. usually, here i japan, i feel hot in april. honest! and now i feel like my fingers are freezing off and i have nothing to say and we don't do anything. my poor baby.

speaking of the baby, he fairly quickly learned how to turn the katakata so he zooms around the living room. sometime when he bangs on the doors he yells because he wants to go into the other rooms. but i deny him, because i don't want to let in the cold. poor thing. but on the whole he enjoys walking around and banging the walls. such a racket. what a lovely noise.