usually the time for a weekend update post. we had a lovely weekend here in fukuoka. the weather was pretty nice, most of the time. hiro seems to be really tired and slept a lot, but i'm not complaining. on sunday yoshi's brother came by for a little while. hiro cried for a bit, but then they played with the piano.

on friday i made baked beans. i just mixed a can of (american) pork 'n' beans with bacon, onion, brown sugar and maple syrup. yes, maple. that's because i don't have any molasses and the imitation pancake syrup didn't seem right. it was good though, and didn't taste maple-y at all. pretty good, actually, even if hiro couldn't eat the bacon. funny thing, though. hiro was so hungry by the time i actually gave him dinner (we were waiting for yoshi, who didn't show up until after we finished) that i left the baked beans in the oven and didn't remember them until after i had gone to bed! haha, i just went downstairs and put them in the fridge and we ate them over the weekend.