ok, sorry about yesterday's whinge. i think i promised not to complain about how cold i was anymore, and i did. oops. *sigh*

kuri posted that she likes the cold (does not compute!!), and she wished it would be nice and cool all summer. soooo not going to happen. i know that people are different, that's what makes life so interesting. and i know that the reason i love summer is because of where i grew up. hot summer meant trips to the beach or swimming pool, or water park, playing in the water at home, running around with friends until dusk and ICE CREAM TRUCKS!! and winters were not cold. even in the pacific northwest, very cold winters are rare.

and the reason i'm complaining is pretty simple. for some reason pregnancy makes me cold. i'm not talking about, 'oh, it's cool today, i should wear a sweater.' i'm talking about feeling so cold inside--to my bones. like there's nothing that can warm me up. not just as sweater, i need socks and fleece pajama bottoms and several blankets to even begin getting warm. of course, now that winter is over it's not that bad, maybe the sweater, socks and one blanket. and i hate that so cold inside feeling. i'm not saying that being too hot isn't uncomfortable. it is. and it's probably waaaay easier to get warm than to become cool. but i really really hate feeling cold. shivering and all that.

it's kinda sad, because if i weren't pregnant i would be enjoying the cool weather (but not too cold) and wishing it would stay until fall. but come on, bring on summer!!!!