not feeling very bloggy this week. my apologies.

on saturday we went to the clinic for a check up. everything is fine, the baby is growing well. a little bigger than average (whatever that means, really...) and moving a lot. now my appointments will be every two weeks. seems early to start, but that's my clinic's policy. i just figure they want more money from us! i made my 'reservation' for giving birth there as well, and in return they gave us five drink coupons to use in the cafe on the fourth floor. so, of course, yoshi wanted to go up right away. he hadn't had breakfast so he ordered a curry and i had the toast set. then, when we left, yoshi wanted to go to the bakery across the street, so we had lunch there (this is JUST after we had something at the cafe). i had a croissant sandwich and a cinnamon roll, and yoshi got different kinds of bread. hiro got a sampling of all, but after the cinnamon roll, he didn't want anything else! finally i had to turn it upside down so he couldn't recognize it and stop begging for it!

sunday was a perfect day, weatherwise. it was so lovely and warm without being too hot. i was really tired, though, so yoshi spent time outside with hiro. i did blow some bubbles for hiro for a while, he loved that. sunday night seemed to take forever for hiro to settle down and go to sleep. in the dark he crawled all around the futon. at one point he came up and kissed me, a for real kiss all on his own. finally he snuggled down into the futon and fell asleep. i then had to go to the bathroom but as i opened the door he woke up and started screaming! *sigh* i cannot wait to go so yoshi came up to be with hiro while i was gone. he screamed the whole time. what a problem...anyway, after i came up hiro fell asleep right away again. then i slept, too.