now i'm too scared to live here.

after letting the hornet out of the tatami room yesterday, i took hiro for a ride in the car so he could sleep (with the futons outside and me too whimpy to take hiro upstairs--maybe more bees--there wasn't anywhere for him to sleep. he HATES baby jail.) he slept for less than an hour, though. i had to take him home for lunch, and we stopped off at the supermarket first. he had left-over okonomiyaki from the night before. i turned on the computer and checked some things. hiro was playing. then he opened the door to the tatami room (all the doors, including the outside ones, were closed) and started to play. i heard him with his books, and he also slapped the fan a couple of times. then he started to whimper and then cry. i thought maybe he hurt himself on the fan (which wasn't turned on, obviously) but no, there was a suzume-batchi in there!! OMG! i was standing at the door and i held out my arms and said, 'come to mommy.' but hiro just sat down! argh! so, i went in there, grabbed him up and left the room.

that was just before 3 pm. yoshi didn't get home until almost nine. and...i don't know how the fucking thing got in the room! i couldn't stay in the house, so hiro and i went to meitoumu for a while. but eventually we had to return. i was so stressed out. and i couldn't lie down when i was tired. hiro didn't take a long enough nap so by seven he was so cranky. yesterday sucked sooooo much.

and now i have a room in my house i can't use.

midori asked about setting traps, but i kind of feel like they attract suzume-batchi! and if we don't make them right and the fuckers get out again, then i have drunk hornets buzzing around my garden....