well, it's been a little while. ugh. i'm huge. i swear! and i still have three months to go. and, you're not going to believe this: i'm hot. yes. although the temperature hasn't risen that much, it's as though my body has suddenly realized, 'hey, i'm pregnant. it's hot! let's be uncomfortable.' *sigh* after all that bitchin' about the cold. but don't worry...and my abdomen aches. uterine stretching i think. *sigh* not very comfortable at the moment. my mom said she got me some shorts, so i'm waiting for those.

today i had an appointment at the clinic. everything went well. except for hiroyuki. he cried and cried again today. he also woke up early, the little stinker. so, i had him when i had my blood pressure taken. very normal, even the doctor commented on it (and no one said anything about the few hundred grams i gained; all in all, a good appointment just for that.) they drew blood, though, never fun. small veins and all. plus i was holding hiro and i had a moment's panic when i thought he'd fight to get down during the actual draw. no problem, though, except the wound bled a lot. and now i have a bruise.

next appointment is in two weeks, and i have to go in a half an hour early for a non-stress test. seems awfully early to me, and i need to check my notebook, but i think it's because i mentioned my achy belly to the doctor and he wants to monitor the contractions (if any). so, i scheduled the next appointment for saturday instead of friday, so that yoshi can come with, or at least stay at home with hiro. i hope he doesn't have to work!