it is sooooo hot today. awesome. i know that if i say, 'i'm hot.' you'll think i'm complaining again, and that i shouldn't because i complained so much about the cold! haha! well, think again. even though i love the heat, i can recognize when it's too hot. i just like it better when it's hot, and for me it's easier to cool off when it's hot than it is to warm up when it's cold. first of all, there are drinks. i do NOT like hot drinks. i rarely drink coffee or hot tea, i don't even really like hot chocolate or cocoa. i live on ice water (or cola, my bane). and last year i learned how to make lemonade so that's a favorite, too. i even wish i could drink beer, something i've learned to like (whoops, have to go to the kitchen and put some beer in for yoshi). i had some last summer, but i haven't really had any good drinks since i got pregnant with hiro.

anyway, about today. hiro got up way too freakin' early this morning. since the sun was shining for the first time in nearly a week, i decided to do some laundry. and since midori and joey are staying here on wednesday, i got yoshi to take the futons out. (boy, they were stinky!) i washed pillows and sheets and nearly everything that could be put in the washing machine! whew! (that means toilet rugs and bath mats and stuff, too.) since hiro got up so early he got cranky early, but he wouldn't go upstairs with me. therefore, i did the recycling and hiro went along for the ride. of course, he fell asleep right away (yay!) and when i got home i took him upstairs where the airconditioner is (actually, our house has three air conditioners, but the beds are upstairs, too.) yoshi went to work to do a few things so i could enjoy the airconditioning in peace!

yoshi got home a few hours later and started bringing in my laundry. i just don't have enough room for everything--when i wash everything--so i was waiting for some things to dry so i could put more out. especially the sheets! but it was getting cloudy--big dark clouds--so yoshi thought it was going to rain. i didn't think so, it sometimes just gets cloudy on a hot day, and since we had so much rain lately, i didn't think any would fall. but on the other hand, typhoon #3 is coming up to the west of us so....i thought we should bring the futons in just in case, and the already dried laundry, but anything else could easily be taken to the laundromat if it got rained on. just as yoshi brought in the last futon, there were a few drops of rain. so, we brought in all the laundry.

then it was lunchtime and we went to our favorite restaurant. while we were there, there was a sudden downpour. it was tremendous!! amazing!! but, there was some sunshine, too, after a while, so i suggested we have coffee and wait it out. but....good thing we brought in those futons. (ok, to be fair, it's a good thing yoshi brought in the futons!) even the laundry. even though it's half wet, at least that half isn't soaking wet. and i got another downpour to help combat the hornets, so that's good.