yesterday evening i went into the kitchen to start dinner and there was a suzume-batchi in there! i don't want to say it, but...i HATE japan! at least i do right now. how the hell did it get in there?? so...i couldn't make dinner, i had to keep hiro out of the kitchen, and i tried to tell yoshi about the situation. but he didn't get my calls or text messages. i was seriously displeased with him last night. hiro finally got so hungry, and when he finished his juice he was ready to mutiny and storm the kitchen, i took him to a restaurant. but by then it was too late and it was really a nightmare. i cried. in the restaurant. *sigh*

when yoshi got home he hadn't even listened to my message or read the mail i sent. i told him about the hornet, and he went to take care of it, but he couldn't find it. and so we don't even know if there's a deadly hornet in the house, i was so stressed yesterday and i just HATE that i cannot feel safe in my house. *waaaaah*