on wednesday morning, when i went downstairs, yoshi wished me a happy birthday in japanese. that was nice. then my mom gave me a couple of birthday cards. she actually bought me a present last week, a new digital camera. i still have to set it up, though, so any pics i've taken won't be available right away.

we left in the morning to go to the aquarium. we stopped off at mr. donut for breakfast, though, because my mom and hiro only had one piece of toast each for breakfast. (i had had a bowl of cereal because i am HUNGRY. ALL. THE. TIME.) after a few donuts and some coffee (and washing hiro in the restroom) we continued on to the aquarium on uminonakamichi. it was a beautiful day, and it wasn't very crowded. i could get the birthday discount, as well as get one for my mom, so we saved over a thousand yen on the entrance fee.

hiro loved looking at all the fish. sasha pretty much slept through it all. we saw the diver's show in the big panorama tank. then we headed over to the dolphin stage to see that show. sasha got hungry then, so she nursed while the dolphins jumped and squeed. after the show, we went through the aquarium one more time, but hiro was getting tired and hungry, so we left. as we were going out, i checked the price for a year pass, and my mom bought one for me! yay. now the plan is to try to go once a month (just going more than once will make it worthwhile). very cool.

after we got in the car and started driving, hiro fell asleep. so, instead of going to kashiihama, we went to costco. i tried to get a stroller for hiro to keep sleeping in, but as we put him in it, his leg got stuck and he woke up. poor little guy. but, that meant he got lunch! LOL we didn't buy much (shocking, i know) because we went last week. they have their christmas trees, though, and i really want to get one!!

we got home in the early evening, but i was too tired to make dinner. mom was too tired even to eat! so, she offered to stay home while yoshi and i went out. we decided to leave hiro with her, though he still has problems with me being gone. in fact, he made lots of noise for a long time after we left. we took sasha, though, because she seems to be going through a growth spurt, and i haven't started pumping yet. we went to tonkoya (i think that's the name) because we had gone there for yoshi's birthday and they do a special birthday thing. they read out a message (to the entire restaurant) that yoshi had written (and since they kept shouting 'kurisuten!!!' everyone knew it was the foreigner's birthday) and brought us a dessert with candles on it. it was nice (and not too embarassing. besides, having a three-week-old baby with us got us a lot of attention from the very beginning). i didn't get to drink a glass of wine like i wanted to, though.

a lovely birthday. 33 down, another 67 to go...LOL