i know that i am not a great writer. i've warned you at the top. i'm not a professional. i'm not a frustrated writer that needs a blog as an outlet of writing. but that doesn't mean that i can't write well (double negative?? LOL)

and that post was bad. bad bad bad. grammatically bad. obviously, i edited it. and to be honest, i've never been any good at writing dialog. so, thanks for the compliments. i wasn't fishing for them, but it was nice to read. and to medea...yes yes, i know! LOL

anyway, i'll try to keep up the writing. i've caught a bug. a bug called flickritis. i don't know how the hell it happened!! i've been a member of flicker for a year and a half, and a pro (paid account) for a year. but only now have i become addicted!! i know! *sigh* must be all the baby pictures. or the new camera (which i'm still learning how to use...) check this out:

sunshine middle

flickr hosts my photos so well. and, you should really check out my cosmos set. yes, i went crazy again this year...LOL one shot: