hiro is becoming more independant these days. he has learned the meaning of 'no', even if he can't say it yet. he wants to feed himself, and insists on using chopsticks. also, he has to use the same kind of chopsticks mommy and daddy use! he wants to brush his teeth, decide what to eat. he won't sit in his car seat until i ask him to sit on his bottom (often more than once!) and he won't let me change his diaper until it dances.

yep. a dancing diaper.

i'm not sure how it happened. i don't want to shout at hiro, or worse, smack him, when i'm impatient with him. so, one day i made the diaper 'dance'. it was only natural to make a song to go with it.

"dancing diaper, dancing dipe!
dancing diaper, dancing dipe!
dancing dipe! dancing dipe!
hiroyuki's dancing diaper!!!" (extra enthusiasm at the end.)

hiro often makes a negative sound in the back of his throat and backs away from me. it's funny because he often looks behind him to make sure he doesn't fall down. when he feels he's far enough away, he smiles and then runs up to me, ready to put on his diaper.

now, though, he wants to make the diaper dance. although i don't want him standing around without a diaper on, it is really cute to watch him perform the dancing diaper while i sing the song...

dancing diaper

and, my mom and i found a new place to put hiro's diaper one time when he wouldn't let me change him...

new use for a diaper