hiro has been talking more and more. and he LOVES to count! it's so cute, especially since he doesn't know the words. haha! he does say "one, two! one, two!" clearly when we walk or march in place. but he hasn't connected that to, one...two...three...four... and his pronunciation is to die for!! so cute.

the other night yoshi and i were talking while the TV was on. some food show was on (a popular type of show here in japan) when hiro piped up with, "oishi-sou!!" we were so surprised! yoshi thinks it's because i say it often, but it's the opposite: yoshi says it all the time!! it sounds so cute when hiro says it in baby talk that yoshi encouraged him to say it often. now he just says it whether there's food or not. i admonished yoshi yesterday about that, so hopefully hiro will learn what it means! haha

oishi-sou has been just about the only thing he says on his own, everything else is a copy of what we say. but he says "hello" like a pro!