the rest of the television crew left on saturday night when the kids and i were in bed. sunday morning we had breakfast with victoria and her daughter since her 'boys' went off to a kendo tournament. it was a day of relaxing, if a little tidying up, especially for victoria who had been doing something every day for several weeks! i hope we weren't too annoying for her, especially since we left after lunch.

i only got one shot of sasha on the red pillow on saturday, so i asked victoria if we could dress her up again and get some pictures. i think they came out well, especially the following two.


sweet dress

it was a long drive home, but we survived it. for dinner we stopped for udon, something we haven't had as a family for a long time. hiro proceeded to dump his water all over, the soup was very salty, the kimchee and meat udon i ordered was VERY spicy and VERY sweet, not too bad all in all, but damn that kimchee was HOT!!

pretty much the end of our weekend. we really enjoyed ourselves. a very special thank you to victoria!!