everything turned out well. i cooked the chicken upside-down, though. and made too much stuffing (not exactly a bad thing, really). oh, and the carrots were under-cooked. LOL and i over-cooked the potatoes, but in the end you couldn't notice.

yoshi and his parents liked it, though. lots of 'new' foods for them (especially the cranberry sauce and the pumpkin pie.) the pie was delicious even though the bottom wasn't exactly cooked.

the oven did well. even though each item had to wait its turn, at the end i just zapped it in the microwave and everything (except the carrots, and they probably could have benefited from a zap!!) went to the table hot. the oven cooks faster than a conventional one. i used the 'steam roast oven' setting--it took less than an hour to cook, even with stuffing! so far i really like the oven. good thing, since it took me two days to convice yoshi to buy it!

hiro didn't really eat the meal, though. probably one too many snacks i gave him just to keep him out of my hair! yoshi went to work for a couple of hours in the morning. hiro decided to run around the table in circles, bumping me nearly every time! cripes, i hate having people in my kitchen, even my own son!! *sigh*

i hope that others who are celebrating thanksgiving had a nice one! if you actually have turkey, have an extra-big turkey sandwich for me tomorrow!