i got my wallet back on thursday. i had to go to the big police station in kasuya to get it. i had to list what was inside (money, gaijin card, license, credit cards, insurance cards) and stamp it with my inkan. phew, what a hassle. when i got the thing back it was pretty messed up inside. the police take an inventory of everything inside. *sigh* lots o' crap in my wallet. i'm kinda embarassed really.

the man who found it didn't want a reward, but the police handed me his cell phone number and told me i should call and thank him for returning my wallet. i was too shy about my japanese skills and asked yoshi what i should do. he said he would call for me. so, on friday morning he called and thanked the man. he was a truck driver and said he found my wallet at around 1:30. he probably had to wait until he finished work, or at least had a little free time, to turn it in to a police station. our thanks to him, he really helped us out!