we had a pretty boring weekend around here. i did go to starbucks on saturday for the christmas 'ehon no kai'. it was our third time so hiro got a mini picture book (ehon). it's cute. yoshi sees it as an advertisement for starbucks. LOL

on sunday we did the recycling and had french cuisine for lunch. hiro fell asleep on the way to the restaurant and then through lunch. yoshi kept insisting we wake him up and i kept refusing. if we wake him up he'll be grouchy...but yoshi felt sorry for him for missing lunch so i finally woke him up--and he was grouchy. and didn't eat. and i was pissed.

our house is nearly done. yoshi thinks they'll be done this month. and he seems to think we can move in when they're done. i seem to remember someone telling me we wouldn't get the key until at least january. we'll see what happens. yoshi wants me to start packing, though, so that's what i'm doing. and sasha is growing out of her 0-3 clothes so i'm doing a 'change over'. gotta find someone who wants these clothes.