i was going to write a post about what i did today (it involves costco) but instead, i've decided to pass on the internet lurve. or something. it's called 'blog the recession' (if that wasn't obvious already) which has to do with actually visiting a blog instead of just reading it through a feed (or even just glimpsing.) you don't have to stay long, just click through. pretty easy. motherhood uncensored came up with this, and is giving away cool prizes, so check it out and join in! we can do it, let's liven this place up (yes, i'm one of those who love to see an increase in traffic, even though i think no one stays around because of the poor writing! ha....ahem.)

**people usually leave a warning when they link to motherhood uncensored, because she really is 'uncensored'. so if you don't like reading fuck and shit and stuff, you probably shouldn't click over to her blog. ;)