ok, first off, who slipped my daughter caffeine? and tommy, too? because these two peanuts? didn't take naps this afternoon. grr!

anyway, today was the last day i could take sasha to the hard rock cafe in fukuoka (well, i suppose i could have taken her on monday, but that's after her b-day. and yoshi doesn't really like the place so we wouldn't go together on the weekend.) we sat at a booth and tommy constantly tried to stand up. it was all i could do to keep him under control! he nearly slipped under the table once.

the children's menu is now on the back of an activity paper. how nice. hiro and sasha had fun scribbling, but tommy tried to snack on crayons. fun. sasha got a sundae, which we all shared, plus a key ring with a photo and a coupon for the shop. i got hiro and sasha some t-shirts.

then we went to the gap and loaded up on summer stuff for next year. wa-hoo! then off to the car to try to get little ones to sleep. no doing. i took them home and put tommy in his crib, and had quiet time with hiro and sasha, but only hiro slept. and he'll be four in october?

well, now they are all asleep. and yoshi is still at work. oh, i guess i haven't mentioned it yet, but he didn't come home last night. i guess they are moving offices around. fun. he thought about meeting us at HRC, but then he wanted me to pick him up and take him back. i was hesitant because i wanted to shop, and i think lunch alone would have lasted longer than he had for a break, but in the end he couldn't leave. the kids miss him. maybe he can have them all to himself, all day tomorrow

anyway, when yoshi doesn't come home, i don't sleep well, so i didn't go to bed until after midnight and got up to go to the bathroom at 1, 2:30 and 4. but the kids slept in, how about that? today i had to really get myself going. first a hot chai at breakfast. then a cola on the way to the city, plus a stop at the drive-thru starbucks in higashi-ku (although, sadly, i had to pee so i didn't go through the drive-thru, i parked and used the facilities!), plenty of iced tea at HRC and another cola on the way home. am dead tired, though, and when i finish this i will go to bed.

oh, how about some pics before i go.

sasha's HRC treat

coloring at HRC

getting seated

tommy tonight at dinner:

tommy looking grown up

and things in my garden, goya and watermelon:

goya in the garden

baby watermelon

tomorrow i hope to write up an update about changing this blog (as in, probably won't be any! *sigh*)