birthday cake

well, it wasn't promising to be a great birthday, but it turned out really nice. this morning i woke up and asked yoshi what the plan was today. he said that he wanted to give me time this morning to go to a movie, but beyond that he hadn't really thought about it. then he said that he wanted to get a bread machine, so maybe we could go in the afternoon after i got back. but oh! we have the birthday coupon to royal host, so maybe...

well, i didn't go to a movie after all, but that's ok. i don't even know what's playing in the theaters! we went to a couple of denkiya-sans, and got a bread machine. woo hoo!

bread maker

i actually don't mind making bread by hand, but this will certainly save a lot of time. and if we want fresh warm bread in the morning, i don't have to wake up at 4 am to make it. very nice.

while we were there, i wanted to check out the cameras, because i have been lusting after a DSLR for some time. well, wonders will never cease because we got one! and not just a camera, but a kit that came with two lenses. i am over the moon! yay!

camera and lens

a really good beginner's SLR, i think i read on the internet. hopefully i'll be able to learn how to use it and take amazing pictures!

our plan was to go to kagoshima for the holiday, but as life gives you new twists, we are not going. the holiday is tuesday and yoshi got monday off, so what to do...we are going to oita! yay, that fun prefecture to the east. well, we are going to yuufuin, to the youth hostel. we haven't been there in nearly a year, and i think it will be nice to go when it's not bitterly cold (because it's a bit in the mountains). i am really looking forward to some onsen time! we will leave tomorrow morning after yoshi does neighborhood cleaning, so expect some keitai posts soon!

p.s. you may have noticed my blogroll is gone. ack! i was trying on templates and i guess the darn thing got erased. i saved the original template, but who knows where i put it....i'll try to get that fixed soon.