this morning yoshi had a test (quality control. either....) and so we met him at lunch in the city. we went to the kashihama aeon mall and had a lovely time. we even managed not to spend a lot on things we don't need (i got some things for knitting, including some free patterns--in japanese! as well as a few things from kaldi coffee) so that was pretty cool. we walked around a lot and took in the new things for autumn. after a while, though, sasha and hiro were pretty tired, and even tommy was getting cranky, so we split up (yoshi wanted to study. for what, i have no idea.) i took the kids home, but hiro did not go to sleep. it has been a looooong afternoon and evening.

i was starting to prepare for dinner when yoshi came home. good thing because the kids were going into meltdown mode. yoshi took them for a drive while i prepared dinner. we had tofu hambaagu, thanks for asking. dinner, bath and bedtime. now, it's time for me to play simcity (uh...japanese study.)