today was the second to last day i could take the kids for the biannual polio vaccination. this one is done by the city (one of two; the others are 'free', but you have to make an appointment at the local pediatrician), but only on certain days in march or september. last march sasha had a high fever on the last day that they offered the vaccination, so she's behind. and although i wasn't planning on it, since we were there (i found out there she had a fever. bad mommy) i got tommy's first dose. anyway, today we went but you know what ticks me off about these 'cattle call' health thingys? that they nearly always start at 2 pm (sign in is between 2 and 2:30.) prime afternoon nap time. what is up with that? i gave hiro and sasha an early lunch and got them to sleep a little earlier than usual, and tommy's morning nap was an extra long one, but then i had to give him a bottle of milk when i woke him up. oh, i so hate waking up sleeping children! i had to wake sasha and hiro, too. mottainai, what a waste!

we got there just in time, and sasha and tommy got vaccinated. since it was sasha's first and tommy's second, it really confused the people in charge, since sasha is much older than tommy (you're supposed to get them their first vaccination by 18 months, but i was told it would be ok last march when we couldn't get sasha's) but no one's head exploded.

afterward we went to nishimatsuya because i am in desperate need of a gate for the kitchen. but i didn't have my money! gak! so, i had to go home and get it. *sigh* what a waste of gas. but i really need that gate! then we went to the supermarket to get something for dinner. the store i like best has a yakitori stand right outside, so i got us a few snacks since they were being so good. yum!

well, dinner is about done and hiro & sasha desperately need to sleep, so i better feed, bathe and put them to bed!