we managed to go out today. this morning at seven hiro and sasha started demanding a 'drive', but i had to point out that they didn't have any clothes on, they hadn't even changed out of their nighttime diaper! after messing around for a while and not getting dressed, tommy was sleepy for his morning nap so i put him upstairs. drama! the drive was postponed!

after tommy woke up we piled into the car, tommy with a bottle of milk, and went for our drive. we ended up in shingu, and after a 'snack' at mr donut and then went to play. when i got tommy out of the car, he seemed hot. all morning he seemed to have a fever, and i worried that i was a terrible mother because i couldn't take his temperature and didn't take him home (hiro and sasha were playing; there would have been hell to pay if i tried to leave before they were ready to go...)

after a couple of hours playing, we headed home. everyone fell asleep in the car so i went to the house, got a thermometer and checked tommy. he wasn't co-operative but his temp was pretty high, so i got his insurance stuff and we went to the clinic.

at the clinic their thermometer showed he *didn't* have a temp, and i started to worry. another mother who came in after we did made a sound after taking her daughter's temp, and it sounded like it was lower than she expected. when we saw the doctor, he asked when the symptoms started ('today?!' as if i needed to wait a couple of days for a ten month old to have a high fever) but he did acknowledge that tommy's body felt hot, even if the thermometer didn't show it. (it was still kind of high, 36.8, but i was expecting a 39 at least. i wouldn't come in unless his temp was higher than 38.)

he diagnosed a cold and gave us a prescription for meds, and we went to the pharmacy next door. there, i checked tommy's temp again, with my own thermometer, and though he was very angry, his temp was at least 38. so...either the thermometer at the clinic needed a new battery, or they're trying to discourage people from coming in. or something.


tonight i made goya champuru and hiro and sasha keep begging for more goya. either it's really good, or my kids are really really weird. i mean, they won't eat raw cabbage, but goya? hm. i'll post the recipe soon, i promise. (i have a recipe up on my cooking blog already, but i have improved it. it's really yummy!)