for some reason yoshi wanted to invite his parents up this weekend--to stay the night. originally he wanted them to come and stay sunday night, but they (his mom?) wanted to stay saturday night. since his dad works on saturdays, that means they arrived late this evening. yoshi told them not to worry about dinner (but i guess he thought they'd get here earlier) but honestly? since we had to eat before they got here, why would they want to eat what was basically our left-overs? so, i didn't make sure there was enough set aside for them. *sigh*

anyway, yoshi has a lecture tomorrow, that's why he wanted them to come sunday. they better have plans for monday, that's all i have to say about it.

am pretty exhausted from cleaning, pretty much all of it was up to me. yoshi did take the kids (first in the bath this morning so i could vacuum and mop) then in the afternoon so i could get dinner made. i went all out and did lots of dishes. not that there was anyone here to appreciate them. *sigh*

(i am writing this over since the first seems to have disappeared. if it ever shows up, it might be interesting to see how it's different from this one.)