the PIL came over today, because FIL had to work yesterday. yay! *jig* at least they didn't stay the night. they arrived around lunch time, but thankfully didn't bring a lot of food with them. although they did bring a 'flat' of grapes, but added to the ones yoshi bought on friday, and the two bunches a friend gave us (also on friday), we now have grapes coming out of our ears! thankfully the kids love them but i just can't be bothered to peel them, so i don't eat grapes often. hm.

anyway, shortly after they arrived, i left. i needed to get some flour (bread machine is great!) and went all the way to kashiihama aeon mall to get it. i also got some fine yarn at the pandora's house (or whatever the in-house fabric/craft store is called). it's 100% acrylic, but looks like mohair, so i can try a new knitting project at a fraction of the price. so far i am enjoying it, though it sticks to itself sometimes.

i came home and the trees were planted, sasha was sleeping, hiro was splashing in the bath and tommy was giving yoshi a hard time. poor yoshi *rolls eyes* PIL left soon after i got home, so at least i didn't have to try to talk civilly to them. ugh. i hate that i don't get along with them well, and this tree thing did not help.

well, now i am just dead tired, so have to finish. good night!