yoshi and i have spent a fair bit of time this evening looking for insurance cards. recently, sasha has been going through my wallet, taking everything out, and looking for money ('i need money.') *sigh* i caught her at it with the contents spread out all over the floor. i was so mad! i gathered it all up, put it in a bag and then dealt with it yesterday. then i noticed that the kids' insurance cards were missing. crap!

i looked in the place where she had spread everything out (near the couch and play kitchen, so they could have been shifted under something) but no. i had to tell yoshi just in case we needed to get more or something. since i took tommy to the doctor recently, we thought it might be with his boshitecho. i had left it in the diaper bag (usually it goes in a 'special' drawer), which was in the car, so i put on some clothes and got the bag. there was tommy's card! but not hiro's nor sasha's. after a few more minutes looking, i thought i'd look in the other boshitecho folders. there was sasha's, but not hiro's. uh-oh.

now, i probably shouldn't have told yoshi that i couldn't find the card, because he tends to worry about things. and with this latest government scandal involving rice, he's been a bit worried about other things. now we have to worry about snacks (cheap-o senbei), baby food (again, senbei) and rice products which do not list where the rice is from. yoshi has told me that the government even knew about it, which makes it more sickening. the companies that received tainted rice didn't know it, and on the one hand that's a good thing, but...all that poison given and sold away. that's heinous.

anyway, on that note, it is very late and time for me to hit the hay. *sigh* bring on the weekend!!