this morning yoshi had a lecture, part of the adult education lecture series put on by the city. not really what i wanted to hear because he had a lecture last week (usually they're every other week), he went to hokkaido last monday and came back late wednesday, and he's going to hokkaido again tomorrow (and i just found out he'll be back late thursday!! *sigh*

he came home for lunch and after we all ate, we headed out to the youchien to sign hiro up. yep, he'll be a kindergarten student starting in november. i am really worried that he will freak out without me, but hopefully that will only last a day or two. i guess parents are allowed to come get their children during the first two hours so i might be able to go and check. or, if i'm really lazy, i could bring his bento during that time (instead of sending it with him on the bus). the bus arrives at 9:18 so that gives me plenty of time in the morning to get something made up for him.

since the youchien is so close to the sea, we went to the beach afterward. i envisioned us walking along the surf, maybe getting our feet wet, but hiro and sasha had other plans. they both got soaking wet so we had to take them back home. this was frustrating because i wanted to go to the sunlive to show yoshi some stainless steel bentos for hiro. so, with a 'naked' hiro and a 'naked' sasha, we drove home, got them fresh clothes, then headed back to the department store. the bentos seemed a touch too big for hiro, so we looked around a bit. we found a really cute elephant-themed bento (the mascot of the youchien is an elephant) which was a great size, and blue (to satisfy yoshi's sensibilities i guess) so that was productive. now i need to make a bag for it (not required, but i think it will be needed because i'll have to buy utensils seperately) and find him a spoon and fork.

we got bentos in the supermarket for dinner, and that little scoundrel tommy managed to grab a package of cooked meatballs, make a hole in the plastic, take one out and start to eat it!! hiro noticed first and asked, 'what is that?!' i think he was more jealous that tommy got to eat something than actually worried that tommy was causing trouble!