so, maybe you remember my post about a contest? well, i actually won!! i never win anything (now i can't say that again...heehee) (although, i didn't win anything in nablopomo. or in scribbit's week of giveaways. ah well. :D ) i got my booty on saturday (IIRC, maybe friday) but what with studying, taking the test, running around the city, sitting through boring meetings and then the camera battery dying, i couldn't blog about it until now! sheesh! lol

look what i won!

i was very excited to receive a pair of lovebirds, and these have strawberries, my favorite food! yay!


next, i have a completed knitting project. this is a neck warmer, created by knit & purl mama. you can download the pattern as a PDF file on ravelry. it was super-easy, though (again, because of the test) i couldn't finish it as soon as i completed the knitting, because it needed to be blocked and i've never done that before. but here it is:

neck warmer

and here it is on me:

neck warmer on me

i used the same yarn as for the blanket i crocheted, so that's why it's not very fancy, though i did find some pretty buttons to use:

button with gold flecks

phew, what a long post!

but wait, there's more! lol

i got some new yarn today, to make more neck warmers. i probably won't do the pattern, because this is moru (mole?) yarn, and i don't think the pattern would be obvious. but i think (i hope) it will be pretty (and not look like a dead animal around the neck! LOL)


this is what the moru looks like when knit (this is an unfinished scarf):


what do you think??