this is a picture from christmas morning, sasha got a baby from her uncle. so cute.

now we are preparing for the end of the year. i personally would rather do a spring cleaning as opposed to the new year cleaning (just warmer in spring!!), but it doesn't hurt to clean the house! i don't envision knocking myself out trying to make the place spic and span, especially since no one comes here for the holiday. but IF yoshi takes the kidlets out tomorrow, i MIGHT be able to finally tackle the baby room and get it organized. i have so much stuff there, especially lots and lots of baby clothes that tommy and sasha have outgrown (hiro doesn't seem to be growing much lately. and he's kinda small for his age). i can give my SIL lots of clothes when we see her at my PIL's...i hope. her girl hasn't been growing much either, i've heard, so hopefully the clothes i have won't be too big.

sasha on the other hand is growing like a weed and i think she's ready to move into size three clothes. tommy seems right on track so hopefully all the winter hand-me-downs we have from hiro will last until the spring.

now everyone (else) is in the bath so i think it's time to open a bottle of wine for mommy....