we had nice fresh warm bread this morning because i actually prepared some last night (timer). i was heating water for my hot water bottle and thought, what the heck. i also made eggs and sausage for breakfast, though hiro didn't eat much. i don't want the kids snacking all morning if they don't eat breakfast, so i told him several times he needed to eat or nothing until lunch. morning snack usually is some kind of fruit or bread (senbei) but since he didn't eat, he had to wait. lunch was therefore a bit early. yoshi had a lecture today so after he got home i went out for me time.

i didn't have much time, though, because yoshi had to go to the dentist this afternoon (he lost a filling on friday, went in yesterday and then had another appointment today). bummer. when i got back, yoshi had had his limit (the kids didn't take a nap) so i had to get everyone settled and asleep. tommy had a difficult time and actually needed a diaper change (*SIGH*) but eventually everyone was asleep. score!

i turned on the hot carpet and finally got caught up on my bloglines. man, i was so behind! as evening fell, the room got colder and colder, and though i had lots of warm clothes on, and was sitting on a hot carpet, my hands got so cold! brrrr.

not that i'm complaining. i'm not *that* cold. that's because i'm not pregnant! yay! not that there's anything wrong with being pregnant, but three babies are enough for us!

i hope this cold snap ends soon....