it's been delightfully dull around here this week. i say delightfully because who really needs drama and heartache all the time? not me. anyway...we've been having trouble getting up early in the mornings, usually sleeping in bed until eight or so. by 'we' i mean the kids and me, yoshi still makes it out the door at 6:30. *shudder* i'm not exactly sure why, maybe because of all the freezing temperatures we had at the beginning of the year (this week has been bearable, though) that it was so much warmer to stay in bed with the blankies and the hot water bottles. it doesn't *really* matter, though, even on days when i have to make a bento because the bus doesn't arrive until 9:20 or so. i do struggle most days with tommy and sasha getting dressed in time, because none of them can completely dress themselves (though hiro is much more co-operative.)

i did start a new afghan this week. i finished yoshi's hand warmers a week or two ago, and i don't really have any other pressing projects so i started crocheting a granny square afghan. my mom sent me the pattern and yarn, so all i had to do was learn how to make a granny square!

super granny squares