for a few weeks now, my crocuses and daffodils have been sprouting and growing. i don't expect much from the daffodils, i don't think the soil is nice enough for them (yet!) but one of my crocuses bloomed on saturday! it was such a nice day today that after breakfast, while yoshi was at his lecture, the kids and i did some weeding and i found some more crocuses. they seem a bit small, so i don't know which will bloom, but i'm so excited to see them!

in the middle of the yard, where my tulips bloomed last spring, i have seen a few pushing through the soil. i was surprised, because i was pretty sure yoshi rotted them all out last summer with his sweet potatoes. but there they are! let's see which will bloom....and speaking of the sweet potatoes, hiro and i found some in the ground, pretty rotten. gross! we dug them up and threw them on the compost heap.

the ume tree is budding up, but sasha actually destroyed one! oops! i told her not to take the buds off, they're going to be pretty flowers soon. *sigh* guess i'll have to keep an eye on her!